Hyperbaric Chamber

HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is a type of treatment which involves breathing pure oxygen in pressurized environment (over 2 ATA). Human body is not able to assimilate such amount of oxygen in normal conditions. It’s almost 14 times more than during regular breathing. HBOT allows us to produce 5 times more stem cells which improves time of recovery. Oxygen therapy in BAROMED health center is always lead by physicians and based on current lab results. Series of procedures provides faster health recovery, better condition, better sleep, more strength and sharper mind. In BAROMED we own the only one hyperbaric 3 ATA chamber in Western Pomerania. It’s also the only therapy proven by medical research. Oxygen therapy is a holistic treatment.

Positive effects of HBOT: 

    • Supports treatment in almost 100 diseases  (depression, infertility, sudden deafness)
    • Helps in Lyme disease treatment
    • Increases stamina, provides sharper mind, improves time of recovery
    • Improves metabolism, libido and provides better sleep
    • Improves blood circulation and collagen synthesis
    • Supports immune system 
    • Slows down aging process
    • Facilitates preparation for surgeries and shortens recovery time
    • Accelerates wound healing and treatment of inflammation 
    • Fights aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
    • Reduces headaches
    • Helps with intestines and liver inflammation 
    • Improves recovery after heart attack
    • Athletes calles it “undetectable doping”
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