Andrzej Bogusław Gorzka

Andrzej Bogusław Gorzka PhD, general surgery and emergency medicine doctor.

Creator and coordinator of the Hyperbaric Therapy Center in Gryfice. Coordinator of the ER in Gryfice.

Director of SPZZOZ in Gryfice 2005-2009 and Deputy Director for Healthcare in 1998-2005 and 2016-2022.

His hobby is practicing medicine to save the patient’s life and health, searching for and implementing innovative medical technologies in professional practice. He has over 30 years of professional experience in the treatment of wounds, injuries, and life-threatening conditions, he works closely with the West Pomeranian Center for the Treatment of Severe Burns and Plastic Surgery in Gryfice and the National Center for Hyperbaric Medicine in Gdynia.

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